A little about me and my treating style:

I am a very passionate and caring therapist, I get such a kick out of seeing my clients improve in their health & wellness goals. I take the time to listen, look and understand each clients’ needs. Now in my 12th year as a Qualified Myotherapist I can honestly say, I am just as focused in helping my clients live a healthy and happy life - through a vibrant mind & body - as the day I started! I can honestly say, I love my job so much.

FavoUrite Way to Move:

I am a man of the ocean. I spend most of my weekend time down the coast surfing. There are so many things I enjoy about surfing, but mainly It’s the free flowing movements that I love about this activity. I feel calm and in an almost meditative state when I am sitting in the sea. I also enjoying finding new ways to move my body in the gym, ways in which we need our bodies to move on a daily basis or activities specific (functional training). I have learnt to love stretching and now really enjoy it as part of my daily routine. 

Lifestyle Mantra:

Live your life with the best of intentions, nourish all four dimensions. (Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual)




A little about me and my treating style

I have been a Myotherapist for over 9 years now and how I have treated has changed slightly over time. Learning new techniques, understanding what is most effective and what works. Basically finding balance when treating people, applying the right pressure to create change but not too much where the patient is resisting.

Favourite way to move

I have always been pretty active, from playing football to going to the gym. Lately I have been training in a Crossfit gym, it has been the most effective form of training for me so far, not only physically but also mentally, after years training in a normal gym I found it quite boring and un-motivating. Mobility is key as well, I always suggest stretching for take home treatment with clients, a lot of our disfunction occurs from tight muscles so keeping them flexible makes a huge difference.

Lifestyle Mantra:

Since reading the book “The Leader Who Had No Title” by Robin Sharma, I try to live by WCO - World Class Only - what this essentially means is, it's not the task it's the effort. Put in your best at anything you do, if you’re going to do it anyway, why not put in your best effort? 


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