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MyMyo – Go Green 28 day cleanse… it's amazing and so easy!!!  


After having a cold for 2 weeks followed by another 2 weeks feeling sluggish, bloated, foggy and struggling to train, decided it was time for a real freshen up. 


Many clients ask us for advice on detoxes, cleanses and diets, so I decided to try out the 28 day Go Green cleanse to experience firsthand how it works.   


It has been professionally designed by YOR Health using one of the oldest principles of body cleansing – Intermittent fasting and yes I have had a fantastic result and it's so easy. 


After reading the GOALS of the program, I knew this was exactly what I needed, even a few benefits, I would have been happy.


Taking you through my journey might help to understand why it's so easy: 

The first few days like any detox or cleanse it was a bit of a struggle, but the benefits I felt by day 3, was amazing:


·      Mind was clearer – focused and less stressed

·      No internal mind chatter – positive self-talk

·      Energy level - greatly increased and consistent right through, from waking to bed time

·      No fatigue -  at the end of a very long working day 

·      Niggling aches and pains - completely gone.

·      Gym - had more energy, stronger and really alert- kind of super human. 


Well, I have continued to stay on the program even after the 28 day challenge as I felt so great and it really is such a simple and easy plan to follow.


If you would like to know more and are interested in starting your new year feeling fantastic, then this is the cleanse for you too.


Just e-mail for a step by step guide and contains some great advice - all the information you will need to know, and more.  


Here is a brief overview of my day to day program.


·      Fast for a total of 18 hours… it sounds hard but it's not once you are in the groove. 

·      Eating period of 6 hours a day (eg. 12noon – 6pm)

·      6am    Liquid fast    12noon Eating period    6pm     Liquid fast    10pm

·               Waking - take YOR repair ultra-tablet with 250 mls of filtered water·                    Take one scoop of YOR Super Greens with 250 mls of filtered water.

·       Vegan protein shake with 250 mls of filtered water/ coconut water (add Chia seeds for some fibre) Add 1-2 drops of Bare Lemon oil to your protein shake. Liquids only until 12pm

·      12pm – Meal 1: with YOR Digest Ultra tablet- take with 250 mls of filtered water within your first few mouthfuls of foo·     

3pm if you feel the need for a snack during this period, try to eat something non processed, high in protein or good fats. Eg; Smoothie, fruit, nuts, avo on crackers, hummus with fresh veggie sticks, turkey, boiled eggs, vegan raw treat.


·      6pmMEAL 2: YOR Digest Ultra tablet- take with 250 mls of filtered water within your first few mouthfuls of food and then Liquid fast until bed


·      Before bed - Take YOR Repair Ultra tablet with 250 mls of filtered water/       coconut water

- Take YOR Probiotic Ultra tablet with 250 mls of filtered water/ coconut water


During the liquid fast period you can have:

·      Water

·      Herbal teas- green tea is a great

·      Coffee (but try cut diary/ reduce coffees to 1 a day)

·      Fresh pressed veggie juices (try not to have ones with too many fruits)

·      Coconut water

·      Vegan protein shake- I have one in the mornings, one after training and one at night if I feel hungry.


v NO smoothies as they are considered solid food and involve digestion from the body. Therefore, you break the fasting (you can have them during your eating period)  




Supplements needed

v YOR Super Greens

v YOR Digest Ultra

v YOR Repair Ultra

v YOR Probiotic Ultra

v YOR Bare oils- Lemon

v YOR GREAT Vegan protein


So why not give it a go….Just e-mail


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